1. It Breeds Belief (for large ensemble)


  2. Ghost (for five voices, violin, viola, cello, percussion, electronics and illustrated projections)


  3. I Remember This Place (studio work for processed cello and static)


  4. Battleship Is Sexy (for four voices SSAA)


  5. Winter/Window (for six voices SSSAAA and electronics)


  6. Empty Manors




 List of Works


A Portrait in Greys (2014) for speaking cellist, commissioned by Bryan Hayslett for premiere in October 2014 PDF

Close Inside Mine (2014) for soprano voice and tenor saxophone, commissioned by Ensemble Dal Niente; world premiere in San Francisco CA January 2014  PDF

Empty Manors (2013) for two voices, baritone ukulele and detuned classical guitar; released with The Vale on From Another Room (2014) audio

Winter/Window (2013) for six voices (SSAAAA) and electronics   audio

Fantastic Animal (2013) multimedia work with illustrated projections for five voices (SSATT), violin, viola, cello, percussion and electronics (four movements); premiere Chicago May 2013  video

  • Ghost   PDF
  • Robot   PDF
  • Wasteland   [improvised]
  • Werewolf   PDF

Before Rising (2013) for string orchestra  PDF

It Breeds Belief (2013) for chamber orchestra   PDF

Attentions (2013) for Bb clarinet, viola, trombone and piano  PDF

Battleship is Sexy (2012) for four voices (SSAA)  PDF  audio

Fissures (2010) studio work for two voices and electronics  audio

I Remember This Place (2011) studio work for processed cello and text recitations

Inepicine (2012) for flute, viola and harp

My Darling (2012) solo for cello and electronics; multimedia work accompanying narrative illustrations   video

Passage Suite (2002) for string quartet (four movements); NFMC Composition Competition National Winner 2002

Seed Stitch (2011) for solo cello

Still Awake (2011) for alto saxophone and piano

The Mile to Your House (2010) for solo vibraphone

Snow Suite I and II (2007) for voice and piano   audio