Marissa Deitz (b. 1990) is a composer, cellist, vocalist and teacher located in Oakland, CA. Her current pursuits lie in electro-acoustic composition, multimedia works featuring live video processing, and dream-pop songwriting under the moniker Sucker CrushDeitz is a recent recipient of an MFA in Electronic Music & Recording Media at Mills College, working with James Fei, Fred Frith and Pauline Oliveros. She also holds a BM in Music Composition from Columbia College Chicago, having studied under composers Drew Baker and Marcos Balter. 

Her work reflects the manifold influences of her musical upbringing, penetrating the intersections of popular and contemporary classical music in ways that are not only superficially based in genre but engrained in the compositional and social approaches to these musics.

Deitz's current pursuits address her critiques of contemporary classical music while harnessing its attitude of experimentalism and technical excellence, attention to minute detail, and motivic treatment of musical elements that are not exclusively pitch or metered rhythm.

Recent works include music for the critically acclaimed indie game Little PartyA Portrait in Greys commissioned in October 2014 by cellist Bryan HayslettClose Inside Mine commissioned in January 2014 by Ryan Muncy and Amanda DeBoer Bartlett of Ensemble Dal Niente, and Fantastic Animal, her 2013 multi-media and multi-movement exit project from Columbia College. While in Chicago she performed in local bands, released two albums with acoustic chamber pop group Wooden Rings, contributed recordings nationally to bands like Zinnie for Short (Portland, OR), and formed avant-pop duo The Vale with fellow performer/composer Chace Wall. The Vale's debut album From Another Room is defined by its low fidelity recording techniques, microtonal tunings, and androgyny through cross-voiced counterpoint and altered tape speeds.

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